With the Monday Night Football game just around the corner, armchair quarterbacks everywhere are analyzing the styles of Jet’s, Mark Sanchez, compared to the Patriot’s, Tom Brady.   We’ve all heard about Sanchez letting the ball hang unprotected, and Brady’s possible lack of pocket mobility, but let’s delve into their real style.

I’m talking about their “game” off the field.  Which quarterback scores a touchdown on all-around great style?  Appeal and style start at the top.  Now that Brady is sporting a Bieber-do, the hair-hand-off goes to Sanchez. Plus, there’s that rumor about the Brady’s hair taking a leave of absence…   Sanchez 9.0  Brady 6.5

Casual days out and about are important.  When a guy throws on something to run to the store, or do some quick power-shopping, it’s important that he looks pulled together. Even- steven here at 8.5 all.  I mean, what’s with the white shoes?

                                                                                                                                                                      Men sporting the Armani look-  It doesn’t get much better.  A man who can wear a suit well, looking classy yet comfortable, garners two hearty thumbs up. Sanchez looks pretty cool, but Brady, might have him beat – more years of living la vita loca, with the beautiful people, have taught him that casual elegance is an important skill set. Sanchez 9.0   Brady 10.0

In the end, it looks like a square match off… UNTIL….  GQ- IQ? 

Sanchez- 10  End of Story. 


“I mean, are you kidding me?” Mr. Sanchez said. “They were like, ‘Here’s the model you’re going to be working with.’ That was a no-brainer. You’re crazy if you don’t do that one. Wear that? OK. With her? Yeah, I’ll wear that.”


3 Responses to Sanchez vs Brady – Style Showdown

  1. Rosemary Griggs says:

    Wow*****Mr. Sanchez to me you are a winner*****
    Great pictures****Great article****

  2. Great article for a sports novice like me ….. found it very informative and entertaining!

  3. Nikki says:

    I think you may be a bit biased… I happen to be a Brady fan myself and I think you didn’t pick out his cutest pics. :) Int hat second one he looks like Justin Beiber’s dad hahaha

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