After their stunning victory against the New England Patriots, the New York Jets hopped on their Continental charter, and took a bit of a detour to view the decked out green and white Empire State Building, lit up in their honor. 

Although it’s not usual for this type of vector to take place,  obviously air space must be clear at the time, and special permission granted from the FAA.  After this brief exchange, and the subsequent fly-by, flight 915  touched down in Newark at 10:53 p.m with the victorious and grateful NY Jets!

NEWARK TOWER:  Tower advises it is lit up.  You’re flying one-niner zero visual approach.

JETS:  You guys are awesome.  And I will tell you later who said that.  190 headed to see the building.

TOWER:  Go Jets!

JETS:  Go Jets!

Just another day in the life of  the New York Jets!

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