Three of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s favorite receivers were recently interviewed on ESPN.  The ball carriers, Deion Branch, Danny Woodhead and Wes Welker, came clean about their heights. Branch claims 5’ 9” ¾, Danny Woodhead 5’7” ¾, with Wes Welker sticking to a straight 5’9”, not bothering with tacking on additional fractions!

What the trio lack in size, they make up with heart and a strong work ethic. They all want to be role models to their fans, knowing that the average male height is right around 5’10”,  claiming their motto is, “you can do what you love.”

Behind the line, Woodhead can get lost surrounded by the huge players.  But he is extremely valuable, which was evident last week when the Patriots brought it on against the Indianapolis Colts. Woodhead had 60 rushing yards on five carries, which included a 36-yard touchdown rush, later tacking on four more receptions, for an additional 21 yards.

Welker had eight catches and a season-best of 89 yards, while Branch added seven catches for 71 yards. Brady insists that his small guys are great route runners and relies on them. When asked how Brady finds them, Branch quipped, “I think he misses us a lot of the time.”

Right now, the Patriots are standing tall with a 12-2 record for the season, tied with the Atlanta Falcons.

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