As you come up and around the bend on Interstate 5, just south of Mt. Shasta, the breathtaking sight of Castle Crags comes into view. Jutting out from the side of the hillside, the craggy land formation rising 2,200 feet, was formed by volcanic activity over 200 million years ago. It sticks out from the rest of the mountainous hilly terrain offering an incredible display. This beautiful land mass has been subjected to the forces of natures including wind, rain and ice for over a million years, which has given rise to the distinctive formation of the Crags.

Take the Castella Exit and follow the signs to Castle Crags State Park and Vista Point, where the signed trails begin just down the road. It’s a beautiful walk through the forest of fresh smelling cedar, fir and pine trees. Head on up the famous Pacific Crest Trail, which is about seven miles long, leading you through the State Park. Stop at Indian Springs, where icy water bubbles up offering pure refreshment.

Beautiful Castle Lake lies within the State Park, and offers not only the amazing scenery, but also fishing and picnicking. The lake is very cold, so best reserve that activity for summer only! Rafting, row boating and kayaking are available and enjoyable activities.

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