What’s the story with athletes texting their naked self to the bimbo of the week?

The latest athlete-bimbo drama is wrapped around some alleged ‘sexting’ between Favre and Jenn Sterger, a former cheerleader-turned-journalist via Playboy and Maxim layouts Sterger had landed in New York with an in-house Jets sideline reporter gig in 2008. She alleges that Favre started leaving her innocent enough voicemails, which eventually culminated in several ‘below the waist’ text pictorials complete with croc shoes.

The story broke on deadspin.com in early August, but like most scandals, took a while to rise to the surface. The indiscretions of athletes and other prominent figures are no longer swept under the duvet cover, and in fact, are a much sought-after commodity. When are these ‘superheros’ going to figure that out?

As the story goes, Sterger kept the texts and photos on her computer to share with her friends, but didn’t want to involve herself or fully divulge the dirt. In February, 2010, after discussing the details with AJ Daulerio, the editor of Deadspin.com, she sent off an email to him expressing her concern:

I like ya AJ… and if there is a way to expose this dude for the creepy douche he is WITHOUT me being attached to it in any way that is fine. I just want to make it clear I never met him, saw him, etc… because I don’t roll that way. That way meaning old.. or married. Some big boobed hoes have morals and souls believe it or not.”

It makes one ponder, why, if she didn’t want this info leaked out, would she discuss the details with a guy who runs a site that reveals salacious gossip about prominent people? I guess even big-boobed-hoes have a game plan, as she currently has hired an attorney, and lies in wait.

Two additional women, who both worked as NY Jets massage therapists in 2008, spoke of Favre’s advances and claim Favre texted them inappropriate messages, inviting them both back to his hotel room.

Favre’s wife, Deanna, spoke out about the scandal involving her husband, stating ‘I’m handling this through faith.” Favre, for the most part, remains mum, answering the repetitive questions with, “The NFL is investigating.”

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