Article first published as 2Advanced Studios: Time to Re-Advance? on Technorati.

I had heard 2Advanced Studios was in the market for a social media manager, and wondered why.  After all, weren’t they the world’s self proclaimed, ‘word of mouth only‘ uber- successful enterprise?  Could it be that the great 2Advanced wasn’t all that advanced in today’s competitive web development work place?  Its intricate cyber gimmicks were world renowned in the techie community from the early to mid 2000’s…but had it lost its gloss?  Was the word “were” becoming a permanent fixture?  I was intrigued.

I went in for a closer look. I pulled up in front of 2Advanced. The building itself is nothing out of the ordinary…stuck  smack in the middle of a clearly non-creative white collar- business development center, if not  for the logo, you would miss it.  Simply beige.  But like cracker jacks, the prizes are often found within the box. 

Inside, ascending the staircase, one looked down upon a completely blank canvas of acid washed concrete flooring.  The dark staircase deposited one into a conference room, illuminated only by black lights which highlighting the white board. To be sure, the much acclaimed conference room with accompanying table was just as advertised… gothic and heavy.  Across the 2, 000 lb table, sat the behind the scenes co-founder of 2Advanced, Tony Novak. 

Tony filled me on his journey from a 15 year old high school drop out, to the somewhat of a folk hero he had become within the innovative web development community.  He spoke of the many accolades and awards that had been bestowed upon them.  Led by creative director, Eric Jordan, they were the king of kings…Were?  There’s that word again…  He recognized a slide, but I didn’t see it.  Wasn’t it  really more about the others gaining ground?

 I was merely a listening tool for at least 95% of my time there…yet I left wanting to know more about this amazing company. I took a closer look- their website was outstanding, the graphics- cool… the link-ups were amazing… The pages explode.   I looked closer through the many, many, many pages… and saw that the bulk of the praise was generated between 2002 & 2006. The blog hadn’t been updated since last year, missing videos/photos, job board positions from 2009.  Ah, the slide was there.

The need for SMO question was answered. I pondered their need for a strong social media movement.  I could only sum it up with the thought that big ideas are like children; they need constant attention to grow and reach their potential.  Otherwise, those nurtured ones, even without the strong capability that you have, will pass you by.  Or at least, pull up even with you. 

The 2Advanced machine, appears to be gearing up.  A new website is in the works I am told and will almost certainly rock your world.  Emerge lil butterfly and show us your new.. updated wings!

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